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Replacement Battery For HP/Compaq laptop ZE4000 ZE4100/NX9000 /Omnibook XE4000, Pavilion 4000, Pavilion 5000, Pavilion ZE404EA, HP OmniBook, Pavilion Series

Battery Type Li-ion
Voltage 14.8V
Capacity 4400mAh/8Cell
Color Black

Net Weight 535.81g
Dimension 134.40 x 95.00 x 21.80 mm
Battery Condition New

Warranty 12 months Long

Compatible Part Numbers:

319411-001, 361742-001, F4809A,361742-001, 371785-001, 371786-001, 383615-001, 916-2150, F4098A, F4809-60901, F4809A, F4812A,DB946A,

Fit Model:

HP Omnibook XE4000,
HP Pavilion 4000,
HP Pavilion 5000,
HP Pavilion ZE404EA

HP OmniBook XE4100 Series
OmniBook XE4100-F4641H, OmniBook XE4100-F4641HC,
OmniBook XE4100- F4641HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4641HT,
OmniBook XE4100-F4641J, OmniBook XE4100-F4641JC,
OmniBook XE4100-F4641JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4641JT,
OmniBook XE4100-F4642H, OmniBook XE4100-F4642HC,
OmniBook XE4100-F4642HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4642HT,
OmniBook XE4100-F4642J, OmniBook XE4100-F4642JC,
OmniBook XE4100-F4642JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4642JT,
OmniBook XE4100-F4643H, OmniBook XE4100-F4643HC,
OmniBook XE4100-F4643HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4643J,
OmniBook XE4100-F4643JC, OmniBook XE4100-F4643JG,
OmniBook XE4100-F4643JT, OmniBook XE4100-F4644H,
OmniBook XE4100-F4644HC, OmniBook XE4100-F4644HG,
OmniBook XE4100-F4644HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4644J,
OmniBook XE4100-F4644JC, OmniBook XE4100-F4644JG,
OmniBook XE4100-F4644JT, OmniBook XE4100-F4646H,
OmniBook XE4100-F4646J, OmniBook XE4100-F4647H,
OmniBook XE4100-F4647J, OmniBook XE4100-F4648H,
OmniBook XE4100-F4648J, OmniBook XE4100-F4649H,
OmniBook XE4100-F4650HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4650HT,
OmniBook XE4100-F4650JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4650JT,
OmniBook XE4100-F4651H, OmniBook XE4100-F4651HT,
OmniBook XE4100-F4651J, OmniBook XE4100-F4652H,
OmniBook XE4100-F4652HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4652J,
OmniBook XE4100-F4652JT, OmniBook XE4100-F5624JS,
OmniBook XE4100-F5642HS, OmniBook XE4100-F6752JS

HP OmniBook XE4400 Series
OmniBook XE4400-F4636AV, OmniBook XE4400-F4665H,
OmniBook XE4400-F4665J, OmniBook XE4400-F4666H,
OmniBook XE4400-F4666HC, OmniBook XE4400-F4666HG,
OmniBook XE4400-F4666J, OmniBook XE4400-F4666JC,
OmniBook XE4400-F4667H, OmniBook XE4400-F4667HC,
OmniBook XE4400-F4667HG, OmniBook XE4400-F4667J,
OmniBook XE4400-F4667JC, OmniBook XE4400-F4670H,
OmniBook XE4400-F4670HG, OmniBook XE4400-F4670HR,
OmniBook XE4400-F4670HT, OmniBook XE4400-F4670JG,
OmniBook XE4400-F4670JT, OmniBook XE4400-F4671HG,
OmniBook XE4400-F4671HS, OmniBook XE4400-F4671HT,
OmniBook XE4400-F4671J, OmniBook XE4400-F4671JG,
OmniBook XE4400-F4671JT, OmniBook XE4400-F4673H,
OmniBook XE4400-F4673J, OmniBook XE4400-F4674H,
OmniBook XE4400-F4674J, OmniBook XE4400-F4675H,
OmniBook XE4400-F5815HS

HP OmniBook XE4500 Series
OmniBook XE4500-F4869H, OmniBook XE4500-F4869HC,
OmniBook XE4500-F4869HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4869J,
OmniBook XE4500-F4869JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4869JG,
OmniBook XE4500-F4869JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4870H,
OmniBook XE4500-F4870HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4870HG,
OmniBook XE4500-F4870J, OmniBook XE4500-F4870JC,
OmniBook XE4500-F4870JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4870JT,
OmniBook XE4500-F4871H, OmniBook XE4500-F4871HC,
OmniBook XE4500-F4871HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4871J,
OmniBook XE4500-F4871JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4871JG,
OmniBook XE4500-F4871JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4872H,
OmniBook XE4500-F4872HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4872HG,
OmniBook XE4500-F4872J, OmniBook XE4500-F4872JC,
OmniBook XE4500-F4872JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4873H,
OmniBook XE4500-F4873HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4873HG,
OmniBook XE4500-F4873J, OmniBook XE4500-F4873JC,
OmniBook XE4500-F4873JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4874H,
OmniBook XE4500-F4874HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4874HG,
OmniBook XE4500-F4874J, OmniBook XE4500-F4874JC,
OmniBook XE4500-F4874JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4874JT,
OmniBook XE4500-F4875H, OmniBook XE4500-F4875HG,
OmniBook XE4500-F4875J, OmniBook XE4500-F4875JT,
OmniBook XE4500-F4876H, OmniBook XE4500-F4876J,
OmniBook XE4500-F4876JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4877H,
OmniBook XE4500-F4878H, OmniBook XE4500-F4879J,
OmniBook XE4500-F4879JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4880H,
OmniBook XE4500-F4880HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4880HR,
OmniBook XE4500-F4880HT, OmniBook XE4500-F4880JG,
OmniBook XE4500-F4880JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4881HG,
OmniBook XE4500-F4881HT, OmniBook XE4500-F4881JG,
OmniBook XE4500-F4881JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4882J,
OmniBook XE4500-F4882JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4884H,
OmniBook XE4500-F4884J, OmniBook XE4500-F4885H,
OmniBook XE4500-F4885J, OmniBook XE4500-F4886H,
OmniBook XE4500-F4886J, OmniBook XE4500-F4887H,
OmniBook XE4500-F4887J, OmniBook XE4500-F4887JT,
OmniBook XE4500-F4888J, OmniBook XE4500-F4889HT,
OmniBook XE4500-F4889J, OmniBook XE4500-F4889JT,
OmniBook XE4500-F4890H, OmniBook XE4500-F4890J,
OmniBook XE4500-F4890JT, OmniBook XE4500-F5829HS,
OmniBook XE4500-F6148J

HP OmniBook XE4500s Series
OmniBook XE4500s-F4867H, OmniBook XE4500s-F4867HC,
OmniBook XE4500s-F4867HG, OmniBook XE4500s-F4867J,
OmniBook XE4500s-F4867JC, OmniBook XE4500s-F4867JG,
OmniBook XE4500s-F4867JT, OmniBook XE4500s-F4868H,
OmniBook XE4500s-F4868HC, OmniBook XE4500s-F4868HG,
OmniBook XE4500s-F4868J, OmniBook XE4500s-F4868JC,
OmniBook XE4500s-F4868JG, OmniBook XE4500s-F4883H,
OmniBook XE4500s-F4883J

HP OmniBook XE4 Series

HP Pavilion XT115 Series

HP Pavilion XT118 Series
Pavilion XT118, Pavilion XT118-F5861H

HP Pavilion XT125 Series
Pavilion XT125-F5855H

HP Pavilion XT128 Series

HP Pavilion XT155 Series
Pavilion XT155,
Pavilion XT155-F5856H

HP Pavilion XT178 Series
Pavilion XT178,
Pavilion XT178-F4685H

HP Pavilion XT183 Series
Pavilion XT183-F4672H

HP Pavilion XT188 Series

HP Pavilion XT1 Series

HP Pavilion XT236 Series
Pavilion XT236,
Pavilion XT236-DC590A

HP Pavilion XT276 Series
Pavilion XT276,
Pavilion XT276-DC603A

HP Pavilion XT2 Series

HP Pavilion XT345 Series
Pavilion XT345,
Pavilion XT345-F4676H

HP Pavilion XT375 Series
Pavilion XT375,
Pavilion XT375-F4677H

HP Pavilion XT395 Series
Pavilion XT395-F4681H,
Pavilion XT395-F4681HR

HP Pavilion XT3 Series

HP Pavilion XT412 Series
Pavilion XT412, Pavilion XT412-F5871H

HP Pavilion XT4300 Series

HP Pavilion XT4316 Series
Pavilion XT4316WM-DC978A, Pavilion XT4316WM Series

HP Pavilion XT4328CL Series,
HP Pavilion XT4328 Series

HP Pavilion XT4345 Series
Pavilion XT4345QV, Pavilion XT4345QV-DF835A,
Pavilion XT4345QV Series

HP Pavilion XT512 Series
Pavilion XT512, Pavilion XT512-F4689H

HP Pavilion XT5300 Series

HP Pavilion XT5335 Series
Pavilion XT5335QV-DF861A, Pavilion XT5335QV Series

HP Pavilion XT5366 Series

HP Pavilion XT5366WM Series
Pavilion XT5366WM, Pavilion XT5366WM-DC966A,
Pavilion XT5366WM-DC966AR,

HP Pavilion XT5377 Series

HP Pavilion XT5377QV Series
Pavilion XT537QV, Pavilion XT5377QV-DK941A

HP Pavilion XT545 Series
Pavilion XT545, Pavilion XT545-DC764A

HP Pavilion XT5477WM Series
Pavilion XT5477WM, Pavilion XT5477WM-DK570A,
Pavilion XT5477WM-DK570AR

HP Pavilion XT555 Series
Pavilion XT555-DE862A

HP Pavilion XT565 Series
Pavilion XT565-DB397A

HP Pavilion XT575 Series
Pavilion XT575-DC672A, Pavilion XT575-DE861A

HP Pavilion XT585 Series
Pavilion XT585-DC753A

HP Pavilion XT595 Series
Pavilion XT595, Pavilion XT595-DE863A

HP Pavilion XT5 Series,
HP Pavilion XT Series,
HP Pavilion ZE4000 Series

HP Pavilion ZE4100 Series
Pavilion ZE4100

HP Pavilion ZE4101 Series
Pavilion ZE4101, Pavilion ZE4101-F4902H

HP Pavilion ZE4102 Series
Pavilion ZE4102-F5859H

HP Pavilion ZE4103 Series
Pavilion ZE4103s-F5874H

HP Pavilion ZE4105 Series

HP Pavilion ZE4111 Series
Pavilion ZE4111S, Pavilion ZE4111s-F5873H

HP Pavilion ZE4115 Series
Pavilion ZE4115, Pavilion ZE4115-F4903H

HP Pavilion ZE4120 Series
Pavilion ZE4120s-F5869H

HP Pavilion ZE4123 Series
Pavilion ZE4123, Pavilion ZE4123-F5879HG,
Pavilion ZE4123s-F5878HG

HP Pavilion ZE4125 Series
Pavilion ZE4125, Pavilion ZE4125-F4892H,
Pavilion ZE4125-F4892HR

HP Pavilion ZE4130 Series
Pavilion ZE4130-F5870H

HP Pavilion ZE4133 Series
Pavilion ZE4133-F5875H

HP Pavilion ZE4140 Series
Pavilion ZE4140, Pavilion ZE4140-F5868H

HP Pavilion ZE4145 Series
Pavilion ZE4145, Pavilion ZE4145-F4893H,
Pavilion ZE4145-F4893HR

HP Pavilion ZE4200 Series
Pavilion ZE4200-DA720AV

HP Pavilion ZE4201 Series
Pavilion ZE4201-DC597A

HP Pavilion ZE4202s-DC850A

HP Pavilion ZE4204 Series
Pavilion ZE4204s-DD511A

HP Pavilion ZE4206 Series

HP Pavilion ZE4207 Series
Pavilion ZE4207s-DC593A, Pavilion ZE4207s-DC601A

HP Pavilion ZE4208 Series
Pavilion ZE4208S, Pavilion ZE4208s-DC594A,
Pavilion ZE4208s-DD690A

HP Pavilion ZE4209 Series
Pavilion ZE4209-DC591A

HP Pavilion ZE4210 Series
Pavilion ZE4210, Pavilion ZE4210-DB953A

HP Pavilion ZE4211 Series
Pavilion ZE4211-DC598A

HP Pavilion ZE4212 Series
Pavilion ZE4212s-DD506A

HP Pavilion ZE4214 Series
Pavilion ZE4214s-DD508A

HP Pavilion ZE4217 Series

HP Pavilion ZE4218 Series
Pavilion ZE4218, Pavilion ZE4218-DC804A

HP Pavilion ZE4219 Series
Pavilion ZE4219-DC592A

HP Pavilion ZE4220 Series
Pavilion ZE4220, Pavilion ZE4220-DB385A,
Pavilion ZE4220-DB385AR

HP Pavilion ZE4221 Series
Pavilion ZE4221-DC599A

HP Pavilion ZE4222 Series
Pavilion ZE4222-DD666A, Pavilion ZE4222AP-DF845A

HP Pavilion ZE4224 Series
Pavilion ZE4224-DC709A

HP Pavilion ZE4228 Series
Pavilion ZE4228, Pavilion ZE4228-DD509A,
Pavilion ZE4228-DD665A

HP Pavilion ZE4229 Series
Pavilion ZE4229-DC762A, Pavilion ZE4229-DC762AR

HP Pavilion ZE4230 Series
Pavilion ZE4230, Pavilion ZE4230-DB386A,
Pavilion ZE4230-DB386AR

HP Pavilion ZE4231 Series
Pavilion ZE4231-DC600A

HP Pavilion ZE4232 Series
Pavilion ZE4232S, Pavilion ZE4232s-DC595A

HP Pavilion ZE4234 Series
Pavilion ZE4234s-DE614A

HP Pavilion ZE4236 Series
Pavilion ZE4236, Pavilion ZE4236-DC602A

HP Pavilion ZE4239 Series
Pavilion ZE4239, Pavilion ZE4239-DC763A,
Pavilion ZE4239-DC763AR

HP Pavilion ZE4240 Series
Pavilion ZE4240, Pavilion ZE4240-DE874A

HP Pavilion ZE4241 Series
Pavilion ZE4241-DC760A

HP Pavilion ZE4250 Series

HP Pavilion ZE4251 Series
Pavilion ZE4251-DD672A

HP Pavilion ZE4257 Series,
HP Pavilion ZE4258 Series

HP Pavilion ZE4261 Series
Pavilion ZE4261-DD673A

HP Pavilion ZE4262-DC710A

HP Pavilion ZE4268 Series
Pavilion ZE4268, Pavilion ZE4268-DD507A,
Pavilion ZE4268-DE852A

HP Pavilion ZE4271 Series
Pavilion ZE4271-DD674A

HP Pavilion ZE4274 Series
Pavilion ZE4274-DC761A, Pavilion ZE4274-DC766A

HP Pavilion ZE4278 Series
Pavilion ZE4278-DD510A

HP Pavilion ZE4281 Series
Pavilion ZE4281-DE234A

HP Pavilion ZE4282 Series
Pavilion ZE4282, Pavilion ZE4282-DC596A

HP Pavilion ZE4284 Series
Pavilion ZE4284, Pavilion ZE4284-DC813A

HP Pavilion ZE4288 Series
Pavilion ZE4288, Pavilion ZE4288-DC711A,
Pavilion ZE4288-DC713A, Pavilion ZE4288-DD667A

HP Pavilion ZE4292 Series
Pavilion ZE4292-DC814A

HP Pavilion ZE4294 Series
Pavilion ZE4294, Pavilion ZE4294-DC765A,
Pavilion ZE4294-DC815A

HP Pavilion ZE4298 Series
Pavilion ZE4298, Pavilion ZE4298-DC816A

HP Pavilion ZE4300 Series
Pavilion ZE4300,

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