Battery for Acer Extensa 5420G 5620G 5630 series

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  • Manufactured by: Acer

Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 11.1V
Capacity: 4000mah/ 6Cell
Color: Black
Net Weight: 418g
Dimension: 139.80 x 89.28 x 21.58 mm
Battery Condition: New from manufacturer Genuine Acer
Warranty: 12 months Long

Compatible Part Numbers:

Acer GRAPE32, LC.BTP00.005, LC.BTP00.011, LC.BTP00.066, TM00741, TM751

Fits For:

Acer Extensa 5635

Acer Extensa 5420G Series,
Acer Extensa 5620G Series,
Acer Extensa 5630 Series

Acer Extensa 5210 Series
Extensa 5210-300508

Acer Extensa 5220 Series
Extensa 5220-051G08Mi, Extensa 5220-100508,
Extensa 5220-100508Mi, Extensa 5220-101G08Mi,
Extensa 5220-1A1G12, Extensa 5220-1A1G16,
Extensa 5220-200508, Extensa 5220-201G08,
Extensa 5220-201G12Mi, Extensa 5220-301G12

Acer Extensa 5235 Series
Extensa 5235, Extensa 5235-302G25Mn,
Extensa 5235-312G25Mn, Extensa 5235-901G16Mn,
Extensa 5235-902G16Mn, Extensa 5635-652G25Mn,
Extensa 5635-654G50Mn, Extensa 5635-663G32Mn

Acer Extensa 5620Z Series
Extensa 5620Z-1A2G08Mi, Extensa 5620Z-1A2G12Mi,
Extensa 5620Z-2A1G08Mi, Extensa 5620Z-2A1G16,
Extensa 5620Z-2A2G08Mi, Extensa 5620Z-3A1G16,
Extensa 5620Z-4A1G16, Extensa 5620Z-4A2G16

Acer Extensa 5635G Series
Extensa 5635G-654G64Mn, Extensa 5635G-664G32Mn

Acer Extensa 5635Z Series
Extensa 5635Z, Extensa 5635Z-451G16Mnkk,
Extensa 5635Z-4686

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